PV Recycling

PV Recycling is the Next Industry Step

Photovoltaic (pv) recycling has become a major need in the renewable energy industry. The primary issue involves the aging out of old solar panel equipment that is reaching the end of its expected life cycle. In reality, many panels can work and function much longer, but they are using a technology format that has become obsolete as newer products come online and run far more efficiently.


As a result, many PV owners are simply removing their old equipment with new parts, but sending the old material to landfills. That in turn creates new environmental hazards as components and chemicals in the panels disposed of create new cleanup problems. SolaCycle is working to break this downward spiral with PV recycling. Instead of creating more landfill issues to clean up decades from now, SolaCycle puts old panels back to work producing more energy for new customers getting started. Why ruin a good thing? Solar is here to stay and grow. Work with SolaCycle to repurpose your old equipment instead of trashing it.