PV Solar Recycling

PV Solar Recycling Provided by SolaCycle

There was a time when no one was giving much thought to the need for solar panel recycling. That era is ending. Just in time, SolaCycle has been established this year in 2019 to help solve the gap and support renewable energy growth.


Australia as a country is a natural for solar panel power expansion given how much sun it receives annually, and SolaCycle is playing a key function in helping businesses replacing their aging solar panel systems intelligently versus just adding to landfills and creating more problems for future generations. By being integrated with solar panel manufacturers, distributors and consumers, SolaCycle is positioning to be the top solution for refurbishing old panels and putting them back into viable use for a further growth in renewable energy.


By providing a means for end-user product removal, warranty replacement removal, waste management in general, and using research to bring old product back to usable life, SolaCycle is extending the life of solar products for everyone’s benefit in Australia.