Recycle Solar Panel

Recycle Solar Panel Waste Today

50 years ago, nobody was thinking about the need for recycling solar panels. The only companies using them involved a government agency that had a habit of sending rockets and satellites into space to be there faster than another government agency with a habit of doing the same. But something happened on the way to Mars; the technology to build a satellite and keep it powered started to make sense as a usable resource for powering businesses and homes back on earth for far cheaper and renewable output than standard electricity or gas.


Today, solar panel technology is showing up in every neighborhood, on the roofs of businesses and homes, and leading the charge into disconnecting from fossil fuels altogether.

SolaCycle has been just as much a pioneer helping establish the standards for high quality protocols to recycle solar panel components. By partnering at multiple levels with all kinds of businesses involved with the solar energy industry, SolaCycle is positioning to be a key player in extending the life of aging solar panel products as well as providing safe disposal for a growing amount of dangerous waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. Become part of the solution with SolaCycle.