Solar Panel Disposal

Solar Panel Disposal Matters to Your Community

Like any industry other involving great demand for a product, even a durable one, there will eventually be an increase in the amount of leftover waste created by that consumption. Solar panels are no exception. They wear down from exposure to the elements, use, grit, burnout and a good number of other causes, essentially making the panels obsolete.


To counteract this problem, many companies obvious spend time on repair and maintenance, but eventually given units wear down to the point that they need to be replaced. And that in turn creates waste as the old panels have to go somewhere after being taken offline and removed.


However, because this part of the solar panel life cycle is under the control of the last owner, waste often ends up in dumps and industrial landfills versus being recycled. The fact is, however, panels are very easy to recycle by experts like SolaCycle, taking the components and putting them to work again producing energy.