Solar Panel Recycling Companies

Solar Panel Recycling Companies: Good and Bad

Solar panel recycling is the next phase of solar power expansion that is going to become more and more of a norm. As the solar panel industry moves into a maturity phase, some of its earliest products are now reaching the end of their life cycle for end users, or users are realizing that newer technology provides greater benefits than the solar power systems they have been using for a decade or so.


This in turn is creating the first wave of disposal material as old equipment comes offline and needs to be removed safely and efficiently. While there are a number of solar panel recycling companies starting to appear, that doesn’t mean they are dedicated to full recycling like SolaCycle is. It’s been seen in other industries that some unscrupulous players will come in, offering amazingly cheap disposal services, and then just dump the material where folks aren’t supposed to see creating a major environmental cleanup situation. That’s not the kind of business approach SolaCycle believes in or practices.


Instead, their business model is about extending renewable energy by repurposing old equipment and making it last longer. Which company do you want handling your kids’ future when it comes to the environment? We think SolaCycle is the right choice.