Solar Panel Recycling

Solar Panel Recycling is Coming Near You

Were you aware solar panels can be recycled? Don’t feel bad if not. The majority of folks and businesses are in the same boat because solar panels are still a fairly new technology. As a result, worn done components and their disposal has not hit widespread yet as the panels in operation still have a good amount of life left in them.


That said, old panels are now starting to appear, but instead of going to a landfill with all their industrial components and chemicals, these components can be easily recycled by companies knowing what they are doing.


SolaCycle is a leader is this direction in Australia. Their efforts have streamlined the recycling process to make it a profitable business venture while giving other business with a large stack of used up panels a place to bring them and offload the burden versus sending poisonous junk to landfills.


So if your business is starting to reach the end of your first lifecycle with your solar panels, don’t call a dump truck run, call SolaCycle to reuse and repurpose them.