Solar Recycling

Solar Recycling is a Partnership

Solar recycling with SolaCycle is a partnership. It’s not a simple service order transaction where a supporting just comes and picks up used panels and that’s it. With SolaCycle the goal is to build an ongoing bond that helps your business and SolaCycle by removing your waste and providing material that allows SolaCycle to repurpose old solar equipment and put it back into use again with other businesses and users.


The end benefit profits everyone with a renewable energy source system that continues to live a longer product life than originally thought or planned. Further, as an ongoing partner SolaCycle provides its customers a safe, proven method for solar panel disposal with aging technology. This avoids the problem of poisonous chemicals used in the production of panels from ending up in landfills and becoming the next generation’s cleanup problem.


It’s really a smart win-win operation that smooths out the end cycle of your solar panel business program and puts what would be waste back into use for your community and others.