Solar System Recycling

Solar System Recycling Top Leader

SolaCycle is Australia’s top resource for solar energy industry disposal and component recycling, supporting the fundamental principles of renewable energy expansion and improving a green approach for the industry. It is becoming more and more apparent that as the solar panel industry reaches its maturity phase, the original equipment used in the early growth phase is becoming obsolete. As units are replaced with better technology this is creating a significant amount of waste with chemical and hazardous components included that will otherwise end up in landfills.


And that means some generation down the road is going to get stuck with the effects and the cleaning up of the related mess. To avoid this looming issue, SolaCycle was established and is acting now to reduce the disposal gap problem and increase the life cycle of solar panels while also improving renewable energy use via secondary markets. Don’t be part of the problem; join SolaCycle as a partner and be part of the solution.